Our Ministry

A. Teaches Believers – Doctrine of Evangelism

  • The Doctrine of Election
  • The Invitation of Salvation is offered to everyone
  • The Consequences for rejecting the Gospel remain
  • The Responsibility of every Believer to the Great Commission
  • The goal of evangelism is to Glorify God
  • Establishes and Aligns one’s motives and methods of evangelism

B. Equips Believers – Ministry of Evangelism

  • Conquering fears associated with Evangelism
  • How to share the Gospel through ones testimony
  • To move away from methodologies and adopt a more natural way of witnessing
  • Establish outreach ministries in their Church
  • Reproduce disciples in Evangelism

Financial Needs

  • Printing of New Manuals
  • Purchasing internet equipment to teach B.E. worldwide
  • Ten Thousand in Annual Support