Ministry Update: 21st Century Witnessing

Dear friends,

Here is a brief update on my current ministry. When I am in town, I am preaching at the Bible Tabernacle every Sunday evening. This is a ministry to homeless men and I have been able to expository preach through the book of Philippians.

Please pray for the new manual I am writing that teaches one how to witness in the 21st century. Most of those who have been through 12-16 years of secular education have been taught there is no God, heaven, or hell. Therefore, it would be wise to add another approach to the topic of creation from Genesis 1 and 2 and then progress to the fall of man and the provision of God from Genesis 3. The outlines will begin with a simple approach and advance according to their interest. I am very excited to teach this new evangelistic approach.

My ministry this month takes me to Grace Baptist Church in Paso Robles. This will be my sixth time. It is a blessing to see how the church is getting a vision and a burden to reach the lost. This summer I will be filling pulpits and hoping to complete the new manual. My goal in helping churches is to train a person to be a lay pastor of evangelism.

God has recently answered our prayers for Mary when I travel and minister in various places. Several saints are bringing meals to us and some watch Mary when I am traveling, when my family is not available. This is not only an answer to prayer, but it gives me time to help several churches. We know God is sovereign in allowing this into our lives and we are seeking His wisdom and asking Him for His grace to be sufficient.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support.

Pete and Mary Mothershead